Cancer & Pathology

Researchers across Mass General Brigham hospitals support a multitude of cancer programs that explore cancer at the molecular, cellular, tissue, and whole-organism levels to advance the treatment and prevention of human disease.

Some of the key areas at Mass General Brigham include state-of-the-art and emerging approaches to diagnose, treat and manage cancer—including early cancer detection and prevention; precision medicine and evolving models of care; immunological therapies; combination therapies to circumvent resistance; methods to find and develop new targets and new drugs as well as new informatics-driven tools and research approaches

In addition, this sector works with the Pathology departments to explore the diagnosis and pathogenesis of disease, with a focus on cancer-related fields. Computational Pathology continues to be a primary focus at both hospitals. Industry collaborations across these fields are focused on drug discovery, stem cell research, and digital pathology, among others.