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The hospitals of Mass General Brigham retain a rich history in the science of Anesthesia that range from the first public demonstration of ether anesthesia in 1846 to the discovery and use of nitric oxide gas for the treatment of PPHN newborns, the introduction of smart drug infusion pumps and the more recent work that addresses neural blockades, pain management and preemptive analgesia. The mission of this research is to understand the mechanisms of disease that underlay the causes and conditions during and after surgical anesthesia and other operative procedures, and to apply this understanding to develop new and better treatments and thus to advance the clinical practice of anesthesia.

The Anesthesia departments are focused to support dozens of deals each year in areas including: Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine.  Additionally, this team focuses on the research topics of biomedical engineering, Epidemiology, mechanisms of general anesthesia, quality and safety, and simulation.

In several research projects, successful efforts have supported collaborations between industry and departmental investigators. These activities have not only brought additional resources to the department and the hospital but have also facilitated a strong translational pathway for the development of new drugs and procedures.

Anesthesia Market Sector Team

Departments and Centers

The BWH Department of Anesthesia, Perioperative & Pain Medicine is focused to understand the mechanisms of disease that underlay the causes and conditions during and after surgical anesthesia and other operative procedures, and to apply this understanding to develop new and more effective treatments to advance the clinical practice of anesthesia.

Ambulatory Surgery
Center For Perioperative Genomics
Center For Experimental Therapeutics & Reperfusion Injury
Center For Muscle Research
Center For Perioperative Research
Center For Regenerative Medicine
Center For Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine
Laboratory For Aging Neuroscience
Laboratory Of Nanomedicine & Biomaterials
Pain Research Center
Public Health
STAR Center
Translational Pain Research

MGH’s Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine features prominently in this Market Sector, with a number of cross disciplinary initiatives dedicated to innovation and collaborative research in the field.

Anesthesia Center for Critical Care Research
Center for Medical Simulation
Center for Translational Pain Research
Medical Device Plug-and-Play Interoperability Program
Neuroscience Statistic Research Lab

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In the News

App Gives Clinicians Instant Treatment Options During Critical Events

January 28, 2016

SAN DIEGO—Promoting data sharing and medical device interoperability can help improve patient care and clinical decision making, according to researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital, in Boston. Most medical devices currently used in the operating room environment are not designed to interconnect with each other, according to Julian M. Goldman, MD, an anesthesiologist and medical director…

Four MIT faculty named 2015 fellows of the National Academy of Inventors

January 8, 2016

Four MIT faculty members have been named 2015 Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI): Angela M. Belcher is the James Mason Crafts Professor Department of Material Science and Engineering and Department of Biological Engineering in the School of Engineering and a member of the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research. Her lab seeks…

Annovation BioPharma

December 1, 2014

Mass General Brigham spinoff, Annovation BioPharma's next-generation intravenous anesthetic, ABP700, garnered promising clinical results and is expected to be acquired by The Medicines Company in early 2015. The Massachusetts General Hospital has been celebrated worldwide for nearly 200 years of anesthetic innovation – the iconic image of the Ether Dome surgery is hallowed throughout the…

Investigator Profile: Warren Zapol, MD and Nitric Oxide

May 1, 2014

A profile of Warren Zapol, MD, the Emeritus Anesthetist-in-Chief and Reginald Jenney Professor of Anesthesia at Harvard Medical School In the 25 years since discovering a life-saving therapy consisting of breathing low levels of the gas nitric oxide—which is still the only selective inhaled pulmonary vasodilator—Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) anesthesiologist Warren M. Zapol, MD, and…

Technology Profile: Studies Awakening New Understanding of Anesthesia

December 1, 2013

Emery Brown, MD, PhD, and Patrick Purdon, PhD give insight into their research and use of a new neuroscience-based approach to researching anesthesia. A few years ago, Emery Brown, MD, PhD, realized that something seemingly obvious was missing from the way anesthesiologists historically had approached their research since drugs were first used to induce general…