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Brian Seed, PhD

Brian Seed, PhD, is a professor of genetics at Harvard and Founding Director of the Center for Computational and Integrative Biology at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Seed holds undergraduate and doctoral degrees from CalTech.

The Seed laboratory uses a variety of new technologies like automation, bioinformatics, chemistry, microarrays, proteomics, selection and sequencing to couple the rapid identification of interesting genes with methods for studying the consequences of their expression in an organismic context. His lab has developed an efficient type of expression cloning of signal transduction intermediates that allows them to rapidly identify cDNAs encoding genes that engage a number of known transduction pathways. In addition, the Seed lab creates mutant cell lines harboring lesions in signal transduction pathways, and devises appropriate strategies to uncover the genetic bases of those lesions. The lab is currently developing systems for the rapid generation of mice bearing targeted disruptions of specific candidate genes, in an effort to create better mouse models of human disease. In conjunction with the CCIB chemistry and therapeutics group, the Seed lab devises new therapeutic strategies using novel biologicals and pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Seed is the author of numerous publications in molecular biology, genomics and proteomics. He holds numerous patents.

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