Breaking the Code: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Potential of RNA


Ribonucleic acid, or RNA, is one of the three major biological macromolecules that are, along with DNA and proteins, essential for all known forms of life. Recently, types of RNA called microRNAs (miRNA) and long-non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) have been found to play important roles in gene regulation, capturing international scientific attention for their potential as…

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FIRST LOOK: Exercise Prescription to Improve Cardiovascular and Cancer Outcomes in Cancer Survivors


Exercise prescription upon completion of cancer therapies could improve fitness, as well as cardiovascular and cancer outcomes for select cancer survivors. Given the growing population of cancer survivors, exercise prescription has tremendous clinical and commercial potential. Advances in cancer care have achieved significant improvements in cancer survival, such that the population of cancer survivors in…

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Less is More: Minimalist Mitral Valve Repair


In the last decade, there has been a revolution in transcatheter therapies for structural heart disease. The most widely embraced, transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), was originally intended for patients with aortic stenosis, in whom surgery was considered prohibitive, but it has now been utilized as an excellent alternative to surgical aortic valve replacement in…

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