Top 12 Emerging Gene and Cell Therapy Technologies Likely to Impact Patient Care Announced in Annual “Disruptive Dozen” from Mass General Brigham

Disruptive Dozen

Breakthroughs range from restoration of sight and increasing the supply of donor organs, to treating brain cancer, hearing loss, and autoimmune diseases BOSTON, MA – May 4, 2022 — Mass General Brigham today revealed the annual “Disruptive Dozen,” 12 emerging gene and cell therapy (GCT) technologies with the greatest potential to impact health care in…

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CRISPR and ZFN, Two Promising Gene-Editing Platforms

1n 1

Though the underlying mechanism is said to have been initially discovered in 1987, the potential to use CRISPR/Cas9 (“CRISPR”) as a gene editing therapy has recently enthralled the media since its first application in 2013[1]; touting its “blockbuster” potential to “revolutionize” modern medicine as we know it. While the application of this underlying biological mechanism…

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