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Taqi Nimra

Nimra Taqi

Nimra is the Vice President of Business Development & Licensing at Mass General Brigham Innovation. In her role, Nimra has responsibility for leading the Business Development & Licensing team in the commercialization of technology developed by clinicians and researchers at Mass General Brigham. Prior to joining Mass General Brigham, Nimra led the Medical Device Group at Global Prior Art, Inc., an intellectual property research firm in Boston. Her work included evaluating technologies and performing patent landscape analysis for medical device companies and IP law firms. Nimra received her BS from Georgia Tech and her MS from Johns Hopkins University. Her research focused on tissue engineering as well as the development of a novel emergency respiratory device.

Nimra's Portfolio
Therapeutic Area Entity Role
AIDS BWH Licensing
Burn/Trauma BWH Licensing
Cardiac Surgery BWH & MGH Licensing
Cardiology BWH & MGH Licensing
Emergency Medicine MGH Licensing
Endocrinology BWH & MGH Licensing
Engineering in Medicine BWH Licensing
Infectious Disease - -
Neuroendocrinology MGH Licensing
Obstetrics/ Gynecology BWH & MGH Licensing
Ophthalmology BWH Licensing
Otolaryngology BWH Licensing
Pulmonary MGH Licensing
Radiation Oncology MGH Licensing
Radiology/Imaging BWH & MGH Licensing
Renal BWH & MGH Licensing
Reproductive Endocrinology MGH Licensing
Surgery BWH & MGH Licensing
Thoracic Surgery BWH & MGH Licensing
Thyroid BWH & MGH Licensing
Transplantation BWH & MGH Licensing
Urology MGH Licensing
Vascular Surgery BWH & MGH Licensing