CD4 System

cd4 system

Daktari Diagnostics’s CD4 System is a handheld device that enables CD4 cell counting to be done by anyone, anywhere. Combining groundbreaking innovations in microscale technologies with simplicity in design and use, Daktari brings this essential blood test to parts of the world where millions of people now have access to life-saving drugs, yet cannot receive…

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Smart Drug Infusion Pumps

smart drug infusion pumps

MGH transformed patient care with the introduction of a “smart” drug infusion pump—an invention that was conceptualized and deployed hospital-wide. The invention was motivated by an awareness of tragic events involving complex drug dosing calculation errors and misprogrammed drug infusion pumps.  The MGH, along with industrial collaborators, designed what is known as the “smart” infusion…

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Enbrel® (etanercept) is a fully human, soluble, tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor fusion protein based in part on intellectual property developed by MGH. Enbrel is manufactured by Amgen.

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Transplantation Biology

joseph murray md

BWH surgeon Joseph Murray, MD performed the first successful transplant between identical twins in 1954, and many other solid organ transplant milestones such as the first fraternal twin transplant in 1959, and the first transplant between unrelated persons in 1962. He developed new approaches for facial reconstruction surgery and made key discoveries about immunosuppressive drugs…

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Inhaled Nitric Oxide Treatment

inhaled nitrous oxide treatment

Nitric Oxide studies at MGH showed that among its many functions was to relax the muscles surrounding blood vessels and reduce blood pressure. The first clinical application was treatment of a rare, potentially fatal disease in infants – persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn (PPHN). 180,000 patients have been treated in the US.

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E-Poly™ Vitamin E Infused Joints

e poly

A team at MGH found that oxidation in hip replacements material wear could be blocked by diffusing the antioxidant vitamin E throughout a polyethylene material.  This material has been implanted in 4M+ patients.

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