TargAnox, Inc.

TargAnox, is an early-stage discovery company developing novel therapeutics for the treatment of diseases and conditions that result from oxidative stress-induced modification of proteins.

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VisionScope Technologies, LLC


VisionScope Technologies, LLC manufactures a family of patented sub-2-mm diameter needle endoscopes with disposable optics and sterile barrier sheaths for diagnostic and minimally invasive surgical (MIS) applications. The product enables arthroscopy surgeons to visualize, diagnose and plan surgical procedures within several minutes in one single office appointment, thereby substantially reducing the number of physician appointments…

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Provasculon (acquired by Mesoblast) was formed to develop new therapeutic agents for addressing wound healing, peripheral vascular disease and myocardial infarction damage.

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Quartet Medicine

Quartet Medicine is a biotechnology company focused on the development of novel treatments for chronic pain and inflammation.

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QPID Health is a clinical intelligence platform designed to extract meaningful clinical information at the patient level from any electronic health record (EHR) through a unique and powerful medical concept based NLP (Natural Language Processing) search engine. The technology extracts from the EHR data repository and highlights for caregivers the most relevant clinical information at…

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RaNA Therapeutics is pioneering the discovery of a new class of RNA-targeted medicines that selectively activate protein expression within the body’s own cells. By targeting specific genes, RaNA’s novel drugs work epigenetically to precisely upregulate the expression of beneficial proteins in order to treat or prevent disease.

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CoStim developed novel biologics targeting immune checkpoint inhibitors for oncology indications. CoStim was acquired by Novartis in 2014.

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Daktari Diagnostics


Daktari Diagnostics is focused exclusively on the most pressing challenges in global health. The company develops simple, accurate, and affordable products that deliver critical diagnostic information to clinicians and patients across the globe.

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Denali Therapeutics

Denali Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of therapies for patients with neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, ALS and others. Denali was founded by scientists, industry experts and investors who share the vision that recent scientific insights into the genetic causes and biological processes underlying neurodegenerative disease, together…

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Editas Medicine


Editas Medicine, a genome editing company, is exploring the possibility to modify, in a targeted way, almost any gene in the human body with the ability to directly turn on, turn off or edit disease-causing genes. Editas’ mission is to translate its genome editing technology into a novel class of human therapeutics that enable precise…

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Life Image, Inc.


lifeIMAGE, Inc. created and supplies the leading platform for instant, electronic and secure medical image exchange created to address problems associated with lack of access to patients’ medical-imaging history. lifeIMAGE is the largest and most utilized network for the exchange of medical images. It has been used by 67,000 members to exchange more than 1.5…

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Lysomal Therapeutics


Lysosomal Therapeutics, is developing first-in-class therapies for neurological diseases with high unmet need. LTI is leveraging its world-class knowledge of lysosomal biology and drug development to deliver innovative agents for neurodegenerative disease.

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