Magenta Therapeutics

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Magenta Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing therapeutics to revolutionize bone marrow transplant for patients with autoimmune diseases, blood cancers and genetic diseases. By creating a platform focused on critical areas of transplant medicine, Magenta Therapeutics is pioneering an integrated approach to extend the curative power of bone marrow transplant to more patients.

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Akouos is a new biotechnology company focused on restoring and preserving hearing. Launched in 2017 by Dr. Manny Simons, CEO, Akouos focuses on restoring and preserving hearing. In conjunction with the funding, Akouos entered into strategic license agreements with Lonza and Massachusetts Eye and Ear for exclusive rights to the Anc-AAV gene therapy platform for all hearing…

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Tilos Therapeutics

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Tilos is developing new immuno-oncology therapies for cancer, fibrosis and autoimmunity based on interference with regulatory T cells and TGF release. This novel drug platform builds on the discovery that antibodies that block the release of TGF prevent immune suppression, thereby enabling the body to counteract malignant cells.

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Keros Therapeutics

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Keros lead program is focused on inhibition of ALK2, the genetic driver for the orphan disease fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive (FOP), which promotes the transformation of muscle into bone. ALK2 has been validated as a critical node through human genetics and in vivo data.

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Abcuro Logo

First-in-Class immuno-oncology agent complementary with existing therapies, and autoimmune drug for inclusion body myositis. Abcuro is pursuing a single Ab discovery campaign to yield two independent antibody therapeutic programs: 1. Anti-target depleter (autoimmunity) 2. Anti-target neutralizer (immuno-oncology)

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ImmuneXcite SM

ImmuneXcite is a product-focused biopharmaceutical company with a novel immuno-oncology technology platform which leverages both the innate and adaptive immune responses to selectively treat a wide range of tumor types.  

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Lyndra’s sustained release formulation technology extends oral drug delivery beyond one week. The benefits of this unique technology include improved adherence, improved pharmacokinetic profiles, convenient patient experience (particularly for populations that lack easy access to care), decreased potential for antibiotic resistance, and reduced healthcare costs.

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Provasculon (acquired by Mesoblast) was formed to develop new therapeutic agents for addressing wound healing, peripheral vascular disease and myocardial infarction damage.

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Quartet Medicine

Quartet Medicine is a biotechnology company focused on the development of novel treatments for chronic pain and inflammation.

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QPID Health is a clinical intelligence platform designed to extract meaningful clinical information at the patient level from any electronic health record (EHR) through a unique and powerful medical concept based NLP (Natural Language Processing) search engine. The technology extracts from the EHR data repository and highlights for caregivers the most relevant clinical information at…

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RaNA Therapeutics is pioneering the discovery of a new class of RNA-targeted medicines that selectively activate protein expression within the body’s own cells. By targeting specific genes, RaNA’s novel drugs work epigenetically to precisely upregulate the expression of beneficial proteins in order to treat or prevent disease.

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