Partners HealthCare International (PHI) to merge with Partners Innovation

On October 1, Partners HealthCare International® (PHI) joined with Partners Innovation. This merger unites a team of more than 110 working to deliver the unique strengths of Partners HealthCare and its faculty to the global markets.
PHI was founded in the 1990’s as an arm of Harvard Medical School under the name Harvard Medical International. It transitioned to Partners HealthCare more than a decade ago. PHI’s multidisciplinary team of 30 staff has expertise in strategic planning, organizational development, clinical program planning, hospital operations, health care facilities development, IT systems, training, education, and quality management. PHI has supported clients in nearly 40 countries focusing on solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of local health care and associated academic systems. The merger will leverage Innovation’s vibrant business development capability, deep technology expertise as well as Innovation’s role as a service organization that is actively linked to nearly every clinical and research unit across Partners. The patient referral development functions of PHI are being transitioned to BWH and MGH.
“This merger will unite our global clinical advisory business with the broad industry engagement of Partners Innovation,” said Partners CEO David Torchiana, MD. “We believe we are the first health care system to unite these business development functions and expect benefits to flow to patients in many regions and result in new revenue growth.”
In addition to its core offerings, through collaboration with BWH, MGH, McLean and the other PHS hospitals and organizations, PHI delivers the resources, knowledge and expertise of Partner’s Harvard Medical School faculty, its administers, nurses, managers and other experts. Growth is expected in its long standing core international activities as well as through technology and research oriented offerings, among others.
“We believe that this combined organization can set a new standard for hospital based business development. As we grow the pipeline we are strongly committed to providing expert service to our full range of international clients, corporate collaborators, and faculty innovators,” said Chris Coburn, VP Innovation, who will lead the combined unit.

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