iAwards Program Call for Brief Project Summary Proposals: Deadline May 24, 2021

The Sanofi iAwards is a multi-institutional academic partnership program designed to accelerate innovative early-stage, disease-relevant research towards the clinic. Through the iAwards, Sanofi funds translational research ideas that can contribute to their early-stage pipeline and ultimately address unmet clinical needs. Over the past 6 years, 24 projects have been funded at BWH and MGH across a diverse range of therapeutic areas.

This year, Sanofi is beginning its proposal process by first requesting brief, non-confidential project summaries.  Sanofi internal teams will take a few weeks to evaluate the submitted projects, and will request a videoconference meeting with researchers to discuss projects of interest in more detail.  From there, Sanofi may invite the researchers to submit a pre-proposal to define the research scope and aims.  Sanofi hopes to make final funding decisions by October for an anticipated project start date by November 2021.

Awarded projects will receive:

  • $125,000 in research funding (including institutional indirect costs) for 12 months
  • Sanofi scientific expertise and guidance
  • In-kind resources such as reagents, tool compounds, etc. may be provided
  • Successful projects could be converted to SRAs and receive additional funding for 2-3 years

Research areas of interest: immuno-oncology, molecular oncology, immunology & inflammation, rare diseases, neurological disorders, genomics medicine, and biologics research. Please see details in the flyer.

Non-Confidential Summary:

Helpful Tips:

  • Information in the summary is NOT considered confidential and therefore unpublished information should not be disclosed.
  • No third-party collaborators will be permitted, except for other iAward partner institutions.


Please reach out to Hui Wang at hwang75@partners.org for further information.