Innovator Community Expansion Initiative

Opportunity for the Innovator Community Expansion Initiative

The Innovator Community Expansion Initiative (ICEI) seeks to grow and diversify the innovator community. Programming focuses on building the innovator pipeline and providing our diverse and distinguished faculty the resources (educational programs and development opportunities) they need to succeed.

Educational Programs and Resources

Commercialization & Inclusive Leadership Program

A structured one-day program on commercialization application and inclusive leadership for new and early innovators. This supports ICEI’s goal of growing the innovator community and providing tools and resources to drive excellence in commercial outcomes.

Participants: New or early innovators with a focus on women, clinicians and building diversity in the innovation community.

Pilot Objectives:

  • Provide understanding of organizational resources and networks to foster commercialization at MGB
  • Develop and foster self-awareness, influencing and entrepreneurial skills
  • Support participants to see themselves as innovators who can lead in a complex environment
  • Encourage participants to not just develop opportunities for themselves, but to influence others at MGB

Applications for our upcoming cohort (March 2023) are rolling.

The Innovation MESH Network

An On Demand learning and networking platform for clinicians and researchers to understand the fundamentals of innovation.  The platform also offers advanced curriculum. It is open to all employees at Mass General Brigham and allows each participant to set their own course schedule.

Development, Networking, and Advancement Opportunities

Aimed at Senior Clinical, Research and Executive leaders with a focus on women and building diversity, the Board of Director Diversity Program is designed to provide the education, knowledge and networking experience that will allow the participants to develop skills complementary to their clinical skills and expertise.

Outreach and Building Connections

Get involved with ICEI and learn more about the program.


Diana Schwartzstein

Managing Director, Administration and Strategy

Casey Frazier

Marketing and Project Specialist

Anu Gupte

Project Manager, Innovation Diversity

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