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Committed to Medical Innovations

Every day—in research labs across eastern Massachusetts—investigators, doctors and nurses at Mass General Brigham are working to discover new treatment options, medical devices and technology to improve the lives and outcomes of patients. Mass General Brigham Innovation works directly with researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, McLean Hospital, and Spaulding Hospital to commercialize their innovations. It is our mission to enable commercialization through the best route for a given technology and ensure that technologies can benefit patients.

Innovator's Commercialization Guide | 210201

Innovator’s Commercialization Guide

Mass General Brigham continues to prioritize the growth and efficiency of innovation and collaboration throughout our system. In support of this goal, Innovation has prepared the enclosed guide for employees interested in Mass General Brigham’s commercialization process. This guide is intended to help orient both new and experienced innovators to policies and procedure from the simple question of ‘who do I contact?’ to the more complex situations involving intellectual property, contracting, conflicts, and funding. As always, please contact the Innovation team with any questions about this process.

Inquiries for Intellectual Property and Research Collaborations

We welcome queries from industry regarding potential research collaborations and/or licensing of intellectual property from Innovation’s affiliated Hospitals. Please email with a brief summary of your area(s) of interest and a member of the Licensing team will respond shortly. Thank you.

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Career Development Opportunities for Future Leaders in Translational Medicine

The Innovation Fellows Program enables personnel exchanges between Mass General Brigham hospitals and the participating industry. Biopharmaceutical, device, venture capital, digital health, payors, and consulting firms engage with early career Harvard faculty and trainees appointed at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, and McLean Hospital. Fellows gain the competencies they need to become future leaders in health care through experiential opportunities.

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Speaker Guest Post: Lessening the Burden of Type 1 Diabetes with Innovative Cell Therapies

Manasi Jaiman, MD, VP of Clinical Development at ViaCyte and a speaker at the May 19-21 World Medical Innovation Forum shares insights about the innovative work being done to lessen the burden for patients with T1D.

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Mass General Brigham Townhall Presentation

Mass General Brigham Innovation is maximizing the healthcare system’s growth strategy by investing in bold, transformative innovations and increasing commercialization opportunities.

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Mass General Brigham News

Innovation Discovery Grants Awarded to Mass General Brigham Scientific Advancements Designed to Help Patients, Healthcare Delivery

Five disruptive scientific advancements from Mass General Brigham have been awarded Innovation Discovery Grants (IDG) in the 2020 round of awards, as the highly competitive IDG program exceeds $3.5 million in grants since inception.

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Newsletters and Other Publications

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